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How do you set the stage for a drama that explores the explosive origin story of the world’s most iconic literary legend?

You throw a party in the heart of Central Park, complete with sword-swallowers, tattoo parlors, contortionists, hip-hop artists, punk-rock poets and lots and lots of ale. And you do it all in conjunction with another theatre icon, NYC’s famed Shakespeare In The Park.

To help launch TNT’s coming-of-fame drama, we conceived, created and carried out a two-day immersive Market Square experiential event that brought the carnivalesque world of WILL to life for thousands of passionate theater fans and Central Park visitors.

Our job wasn’t just to promote a show, but to transport visitors to the rollicking universe of WILL’S Elizabethan London. That meant handcrafting every detail of the environment, from stencils on stages to sequins on skulls.

We then populated our Market Square with Coney Island Sideshow performers, temporary tattoo parlors, roving brand ambassadors with WILL-themed swag, hip-hop performances from The Sonnet Man, Bard-branded beer, and Instaprint stations where visitors could snap social-powered souvenirs.

What Market Square would be complete without shopping and sipping? Our sponsorship of Shakespeare In The Park was key to targeting the right audience, and this advantage was deepened with collaborations with Penguin Books, Bronx Brewery, and online retailer Society6.

In the age of screens, nothing makes a more memorable impact than an engaging physical event. Our guests loved the tactile glimpse into another world and shared their experience with their friends all over the globe, carrying the story of WILL far beyond the borders of Central Park.

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