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In 2005, USA revolutionized the television landscape by welcoming interesting, offbeat characters with open arms, establishing the brand as an entertainment powerhouse in the process.

More than a decade later, and with characters still at the center of everything they do, USA sharpened their lens to better reflect the people populating their increasingly daring programming: Unlikely heroes who defy the status quo, push boundaries and are willing to risk everything for what they believe in. Characters who are BOLD.

Bold can come to life in many ways. Sometimes it means shouting. Sometimes it demands a whisper. But what does bold mean to a brand with rich characters at its core? We realized early in the exploration process that bold programming requires space and simplicity, calling for a streamlined brand that provides consistency across all platforms. This confident anchor allows the content and characters to push the boundaries of the brand in bold and unexpected directions.

As a dynamic space for storytelling and characters, the STAGE became our driving creative strategy for the entire brand. As we considered the relationship between the network and its shows, we realized that the brand’s job is not to steal the spotlight, but rather to provide the stage for the content to shine.

For the brand to own every message in its most reductive state, we designed a new custom type family. USA is a proprietary font in 6 weights and cuts, designed for maximum legibility on all platforms. It is neutral enough to complement any individual show brand, while having clear heritage found in the geometry of the iconic USA network logo.

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