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Remember when science fiction used to be relegated to the geek seats? When it was synonymous with dank basements and Dungeons & Dragons? When it was niche and narrow? Yeah, neither do we. Today, sci-fi is at the forefront of modern culture, dominating the box office and television ratings around the world. The genre is responsible for most of the stuff we talk about, obsess about, debate, share and, yes, geek out over.

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, SYFY is recommitting itself to the sci-fi genre and its millions of passionate fans by embracing and celebrating more than just their own original content, but all things genre. We had the privilege of contributing an entirely new visual identity for the network, including a new logo, custom typefaces and tactical innovations that form the backbone of the brand across all linear, digital, social and experiential platforms.

To empower the brand to embrace the entire sci-fi genre, we took an “editorial-first” approach that unifies messaging with visual design, giving the brand a clear voice and perspective that effortlessly lives across all platforms. Typography is central in this cross-platform editorial system, calling for the creation of two custom typefaces.

Getting back to their roots and recommitting to all things sci-fi meant designing a new logo and logo system for the brand that reflects the passion and energy of the genre and its legion of fans. The new logo is unmistakably sci-fi while plotting a bold new course forward and it feels playful, vibrant and elastic enough to live within the entire genre universe.

Celebrating and sharing all things sci-fi even extends to the brand’s 25th anniversary, where custom logo lockups can create unexpected connections between the network, fans and content.


The result is an elastic, iconic brand identity that shines on our favorite screens, spaces and swag… Every amazing new world sci-fi fans call home.

The brand comes to life on-air, where the coherence and elasticity of any visual system is tested. The new SYFY informs. It comments and debates. Original programming pops. Acquired movies take on a bold new life. And the proprietary typography ties everything together.

Taking a page from comic book culture, our editorial philosophy gives the brand the opportunity to create “special issues” to treat marquee shows, events and stunts as mini brands within the larger SYFY universe.

Our agile architecture allows the brand to apply its unique editorial perspective to the full range of genre content. It can inform, entertain and navigate… often simultaneously. Conceived as a multi-platform ecosystem, it can drive to the website, get social or enrich the on-air experience.

Designed to thrive across all platforms and formats, the system flexes to deliver bespoke visuals for an endless array of messaging that channels the passionate POV of a sci-fi insider.

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