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What do you get when you combine Time Warner and Bright House Networks? Spectrum Networks! A whole new brand with a whole lotta customers. 25 million to be exact. Emerging in markets nationwide, we had to think BIG with a unified motion design system while also thinking small and connecting with local communities all across the country.

Smart design starts by stepping into your client’s shoes. We interviewed key stakeholders from several different stations and got down to the core of their needs and interests. From Austin to Florida to New York City, each city unique in their own ways but all part of the Spectrum News Network.

With the exception of a strong original logo, we started fresh. Rather than simply resigning the old package, we sharpened the lengths of elements and structure of the design system to generate more energy and variety. Not to mention an increase in efficiency and speed in conveying information. We thought to ourselves, if our goal is to connect with local audiences, we needed to create a design system that was easy to understand and populate with information relevant to the daily lives of Spectrum Network’s millions of viewers.

Those crispy, clean modern lines? They animate throughout the graphics package to underline a theme of interconnectedness. The individual lines stream together to form larger patterns, a sleek metaphor suggesting that Spectrum News both connects viewers to information and helps build understanding of their communities by providing in-depth and relevant content.

This design system possesses a very cohesive design style that can only be described as prismatic. Just as light refracts into many colors through a prism, we represented a wide spectrum of colors and customizable photographic content that allows for a sense of variety and local flavor within this structure.

The lower third system is never as instrumental as when seen in the news landscape. Like a beating heart, the lower third pumps up-to-the-moment information into the lives of viewers everywhere. To appeal to a nationwide audience, it was crucial for us to fully understand the context of the local market and deliver relevant information quickly and efficiently. The natural design of the lower third system calls for an energetic variety of information that’s designed to expand and adjust while maintaining fluidity, allowing viewers to absorb multiple pieces of information all at once.

As our primary news color nodding to Spectrum’s corporate brand color, blue is used for news stories and is the consistent anchor in our logo bug. To distinguish variety in key segments, we assigned a spectrum of vibrant colors to specific segments.

Whether its sports, weather, or traffic, the ticker system is punctuated by colorful tabs that allow viewers to quickly identify news topics of interest. In classic breaking news style, top breaking news stories affecting the area take over the ticker completely in red alerting viewers of need to know information that’s both eye catching and bold.

Weather is a huge driver of ratings for local news. And one of our key inspirations for building out an elegant information graphic system. Inspired by line patterns found in wind maps and diagrams of pressure systems, our system includes animated icons for various regions and even provides a more robust system for certain regions that require more storm coverage.

We rounded out our work with a promo packaging system that connects the classic look and feel of the news, but with its own bold motion style unique to Spectrum Networks. The promo package introduces some of its own colors, but connects to our system, offering both cohesion and variety to the world of news.

For worse or for better, the news has engaged viewers now more than ever. And its never been more important for news organizations to assert their commitment to authenticity, truth and the realities facing the people they serve. In a new world of media and news, Spectrum Networks is prepared to take over the world with a fresh new set of tools to help them effectively connect with and communicate with local communities nationwide.

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