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Brand Identity

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TVGN wanted to reinvent itself into something fun, optimistic, and passionate. Something brave yet fantastically familiar. Something totally awesome and unforgettable. And it’s all about celebrating the fun of being a fan.

We got the ball rolling by serving as TVGN’s creative agency for six months. This allowed us to literally immerse ourselves in the brand from the inside out. And it all started with a new name…


Naming and Logo

First, we collaboratively explored more than 2,000 potential names. Then we made Pop truly pop through logo development and refinement.


To reflect the ever-changing nature of pop culture, we developed a dynamic conversational tagline system that would be just as fun, relatable and unexpected as the new network and its audience.

Brand System

Visually, Pop is an invitation to have fun. We crafted a graphic, type-driven brand that celebrates the passion of being a fan by boldly expressing our core creative concept:

“Let your fan flag fly”

Brand Voice

We developed Pop’s playful brand voice to encourage nonstop conversation between the brand and its audience. Pop doesn’t just speak to fans; it speaks the same language.


The visual and language tools are elastic enough to evolve as Pop Grows, allowing the brand to pop on any platform.

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