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The Peabodys are one of the most prestigious awards honoring stories that matter across radio, television, and digital media. Throughout its 74-year history, Peabody has recognized some of the most influential stories and storytellers in media, from Edward R. Murrow to Breaking Bad.

The Challenge

Peabody has established itself as a highly respected organization within the entertainment industry, but the general public’s awareness remains low. There is a common misconception that Peabody is a single award show for television journalism, when in fact the brand honors and extends conversation around important stories across radio, television, and digital media through awards, symposiums, podcasts, essays, and more.

The Opportunity

Develop a brand strategy and identity that establishes Peabody as a 365 day/year brand with multiple experiences outside of their annual awards ceremony. The strategy and identity also needed to establish Peabody as a modern organization that embraces innovation and stories on a much larger scale—including radio, television, and digital platforms.


Working closely with Peabody Director Dr. Jeffrey Jones, we conducted a general audience survey, a landscape analysis, and numerous interviews with key stakeholders to gain insight into the brand’s philosophies, beliefs, values, and perception.

These insights informed an updated brand strategy, built to establish Peabody as a brand that invigorates people, culture, and society through the transformative power of stories.

Logo Development

Over the brand’s 74-year history, Peabody had established great equity in their gold award and George Foster Peabody’s image. Our goal was to create a modern logo that pays homage to Peabody’s history and provides a timeless aesthetic that can serve Peabody well into the future.

Brand Communication

Expanding on Peabody’s strategy and awards package, a full brand identity was developed to extend the brand well beyond the award show. A language system rooted in the tagline “Stories That Matter” was also created to bring cohesive communication to all consumer experiences.

Stationery Suite

Peabody stationery was designed to visually represent the prestige and excellence associated with the brand.

Digital Templates

Templates were delivered to provide the Peabody team with tools to keep the brand’s visual identity cohesive across eNewsletters, social media, and more.

Awards Identity

A full visual identity was developed for the 74th Annual Peabody Awards that used the logo’s aesthetic as the foundation for printed event collateral, event signage, and the on-air show package.

Stories That Matter

We’ve built a great relationship with Peabody, and we’re already strategizing for their 75th Anniversary. As we continue to partner with the organization, we look to further establish the brand as the trusted authority for honoring and extending conversation around the most important stories of the year.

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