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Originals Branding

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From Seinfeld to South Park, Hulu is home to some of the best TV of all time. The brand is also producing some of today’s best original content that deserves to stand out on its own.

"Hulu's original content is the product of a mix of visionary creators that can't help but see the world just a little bit differently."

To bring this vision to life, we explored a range of cinematic expressions that reflected Hulu’s unique perspective on modern entertainment–all within the space of four seconds.

Our playful yet clever solution manipulates light and shadow through time-lapse to create a surprising reveal. A sunny setting offers warmth and life while paying homage to Hulu’s palm tree-lined Santa Monica home.

Our closing animation also plays with the passing of time as the Hulu Originals logo now emerges from moonlight. The juxtaposition of day and night in the animations creates a subtle link between the content and the way we consume it, often blissfully losing entire days to the stuff we love.


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