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Good Morning Football

Brand Identity

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Is there anything better than obsessing over every single meaningful and mundane development in our favorite sports league in the world? We think not! And neither does NFL Network. Good Morning Football needed a brand. And we accepted the challenge. No debate necessary.

GMFB isn’t just football news. It’s fueled by opinion, conversations, attitude. We set out to wake up football fans with bold colors and an irreverent spirit.

Our logo development led us to a bold logotype that’s graphic yet dimensional. It stands out, but avoids being too heavy or serious.

To reinforce the social, conversational tone of this live show, we built a broad arsenal of graphic and photographic branding tools, including an extensive set of custom NFL ‘emojis’ that include players from every NFL team and the show’s anchors.


We had a blast shooting photographic backplates on our very own insert stage, adding depth, texture and an additional layer of personality to GMFB’s flexible toolkit.


The result is a brand with the punch of a protein shake and the kick of a sugar rush to help you power through the day.

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