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Beat Kaspar Baudenbacher is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of loyalkaspar, a creative branding agency in New York. Together with business partner David Herbruck, he founded loyalkaspar as a space where creative people of all disciplines would be welcome. For a decade and a half, he has led loyalkaspar’s creative journey from a boutique animation studio to one of the leading branding agencies in the American entertainment space.

A creative optimist, he believes in the power of creativity to transcend language, borders and cultures. An eternal dreamer, he is obsessed with searching for magic in the mundane while vigorously defending the creative process against all forces of evil.

A selective speaker, Beat has come to embrace a growing interest in his take on branding, design and the creative process. His deep-rooted fear of wasting people’s time makes him an engaging and relatable speaker.

loyalkaspar Brand Film

In an effort to share his creative quest from a  dark Swiss village to the bright lights of New York City, his philosophies on creativity and musings on building meaningful brands for the 21st century, Beat has been working on CONFESSIONS OF A CREATIVE OMNIVORE, an expedition through the the unpredictable terrain of being a visual communicator in the age of infinite choice and dwindling opportunities to make authentic connections with people.

In this personal expedition, he makes a case for holistic and integrated brand building and why it leads to better work and more satisfying professional relationships. He attempts to articulate what makes him tic, how he has avoided suffocating labels and why he believes creative omnivores are best positioned to continue producing genre-defying creative work in an increasingly unstable media environment.

At the annual World Economic Forum conference in Dalian, China, Beat was invited to share the stage with Eldar Shafir, professor of psychology at Princeton University. The unique framework of the talk was designed to explore decision making from radically different perspectives. THE ATTENTIONAL MIND was delivered to a standing-room-only audience and was voted as one of the best events of the entire conference.

The sucess of THE ATTENTIONAL MIND in China led to an invitation to PromaxBDA in Mexico City. A packed house of Latin American television executives saw Beat share the stage with luminaries such as Cindy Gallop and television expert extraordinaire, Lee Hunt.

Beat modiefied THE ATTENTIONAL mind to address the changing television landscape and the shrinking real estate for brands to share their points of view.

As one of the premiere institutions to educate the next generation of creative professionals, Savannah College of Art and Design fosters a tight and supportive relationship with the creative community. Beat was honored to accept the invitation to deliver the keyonte speech for SCAD’s annual CoMotion conference. He stressed the importance of side projects to stay inspired and protect the creative process at all costs.

At MOTION, an exclusive creative conference in Santa Fe, NM, Beat presented loyalkaspar’s award-winning digital storybook ANNA AND ARGYLE, a passion project that took several years to complete. The talk explored the challenges of keeping a vision alive over such a long period of time, the decision-making structure of non-commercial projects, and the importance of naive openness to find peace in the intimidating journey of creating something without a determined outcome.

The talk included a live performance of the book’s original soundtrack by local composers Feathericci and MI.

When offered a chance to participate in Baruch College’s IMMERSIVE WORLDS: SCIENCE, NARRATIVE, AND THE ARTS, Beat jumped at the opportunity to discuss the topic in the context of looking at brands as EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES that succeed if they manage to create the conditions for the audience to participate on an instictual level. To do that, a brand needs to have an emotional intelligence that allows it to determine when to transmit information and when to step back and let the audience appreciate the process of emotional engagement with the moment.

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