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Launched in 2014 and now in over 50 million homes, getTV is a Sony Pictures Television network dedicated to celebrating classic movies and iconic stars. With a new slate of programing and a shifting target audience on the horizon, the network sought to develop a new, classic-meets-modern, premium brand.


To hold onto the equity getTV built with their 30s-70s classics while ushering in an additional slate of new content—primarily 80s comedy and action TV shows—we created a visual identity that bridged all content through distinct, yet cohesive, programming blocks: Hero, Westerns, TV Series, and Classics.


We developed an on-air identity that was fun, affable, and versatile enough to appeal to the new audience and feel authentic to all content. The clean, content- and message-forward motif allows for flexibility as the network grows, and offers easy in-house implementation across multiple platforms.

Neon-inspired special intros were created to introduce the new blocks of 80s comedy and action shows.

getTV Special Presentation Intro

getTV Late Show Intro

getTV Night At The Movies Intro

An image spot was created to announce the upcoming content line-up.

The identity extended to all of getTV’s digital and social media platforms.


The new getTV is here, bringing together everything from 30s classics to 80s action through a classic-meets-modern identity.

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