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ABC Family is all grown up. And we were lucky enough to be along for every twist and turn of the ride, from our first strategy meeting all the way back in 2014, through the Summer Refresh in 2015, to the bold new brand you see today. Last year, our friends at ABC Family came to us with a new name, a new logo, and a brave new vision: to be themselves passionately, even if that meant some pretty radical change.

Freeform is more than just a name. It’s a home for exploration, a hub for connection, and an outlet for expression. It’s a fluid, ever-evolving entertainment brand that reflects the amazing adventure of self discovery, in all shapes and forms. Here you’ll find stories that are meaningful, thrilling, unexpected and transformative—often in the same instant.

The inherent contradiction in the name Freeform presented a unique challenge: how do we set guidelines for a brand that thrives on evolution and diversity, but maintain enough consistency that it remains distinct?

Turning the standard toolkit into a toolbox that allows the brand to evolve.

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