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Mike & Mike

Brand Identity

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After 16 years as sports-talk’s reigning duo, it was time for Mike & Mike to reflect the playful sophistication of the modern man. We partnered with ESPN to create a brand identity as expressive as the lively rapport between Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg.


Inspired by the poppy infographics of magazine spreads, our visual elements support a variety of segments from sports stats to recipes for the best old fashioned.

Our editorial design approach was supported by a constant and ever-evolving device called the “common thread”, empowering a dynamic dialogue between Mike & Mike and their fans.

Logo Exploration

The new mark for Mike & Mike reflects the duality of the hosts and conversational nature of their humorous banter. The unusual silhouette of both iterations lend themselves to unexpected animation and interesting ways to present content and imagery throughout the package.

Typography System

Our diverse typography package supports the wide array of topics, guests and conversations explored each show. From refined serifs to commanding condensed headlines, we typecast the best for a well-rounded team.


Color Palette

A bold, lively color palette was in order to elevate Mike & Mike from the everyday to sporty yet sophisticated. Mixing is encouraged.



A line-driven illustration style mirrors athletic courts’ painted facades. Consistent iconography helps bridge the gap across various topics while adding tools for playful infographics.


We’re thrilled to play a part in the story of one of ESPN’s most refreshing partnerships by creating a package that brings their personalities to life in a fun yet polished way.

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