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Brand Identity + Evolution

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DLife is a premium Japanese network that deftly blends western and domestic content to reflect the rich lives and unique aspirations of modern Japanese women. When we partnered with Broadcast Satellite Disney to launch the network, one question was at the center of all strategic and creative exploration:

"How can we craft an alluring destination where stories, cultures, and even languages coexist not just in harmony, but in mutual attraction?"

Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese aesthetics—wabi (beauty in simplicity), sabi (beauty in imperfection), and yūgen (beauty in mystery)—we developed an elegant, tactile approach that empowers us to eschew visual overload and eliminate clutter. Here, less isn’t just more; it’s more meaningful.

DLife is a cultural magnet, attracting the best in modern entertainment, family programming, and cutting-edge information into one totally irresistible package.

The Source of Attraction

The simple, bold mark captures the network’s magnetic force through shapes both assertive and overlapping. The shared space between letters represents the convergence of modern life and multifaceted, multicultural entertainment.

Early Logo Developments


Graphic Realism

To bring this magnetic force to life in the DLife brand, we turned the graphic shapes of the logo into dimensional, tactile elements that are irresistibly pulled towards the logo.

R&D with real shapes and materials led to the final, photorealistic execution of the brand.

Time + Mood

Our color system utilizes three distinct flavors to enhance and support the full spectrum of content. These flavors are further expanded to reflect different day parts, creating flexibility while maintaining consistency across the brand.

A Synthesis of Two Typefaces

Our typographic system seamlessly blends Japanese and Roman characters. Axis is complemented by Gotham to achieve balance and harmony.


Ongoing Evolution

Since the network’s successful launch in 2012, we continue to partner with DLife to expand the brand in new and exiting ways, including distinct packages that support specific blocks of content.

Dlife Cinema

Premiere Package 

Saturday Night Drama


We have also helped DLife craft custom campaign spots and partnership integrations, ensuring the brand remains current and consistent throughout its ongoing evolution.

Integrated Spots

To promote Disney/Pixar’s animated films MONSTER UNIVERSITY and THE GOOD DINOSAUR, we created a series of custom spots that integrated the films’ iconic characters into the DLife brand.

Brand Overview

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