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Sometimes, our job is to build something new from scratch. Other times, it’s about making somebody fall in love with what they had all along; cleaning out the skeletons from the closet and providing new focus and purpose.

The CTV logo, considered a classic in the entertainment space, needed a few nips and tucks for the contemporary media environment. We also proposed embracing its flat and geometric properties across the entire brand.


We are storytellers.

And storytelling is about framing the right part of the narrative.

Today, a brand cannot afford to have superfluous elements, design for design’s sake; EVERY element of a brand needs to work as hard as it possibly can to guide or inform the audience.

We liberated the CTV logo from its constraints of, well,  being a logo, and turned the logo shapes into a navigational device that guides viewers through the entire CTV experience.

Typography is often the hardest-working visual element of a brand. And finding one that speaks your language in an ocean of typefaces can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

That’s why we often propse putting the work into making your own; for you to own, now and forever.

Welcome, CTV Sans!

The CTV fall campaign brings to life all elements of the new brand by inviting everybody to GET INTO IT, regardless of WHICH content they’re into. And HOW they’re into consuming it.

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