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WHAT you say matters. So does HOW you do it.

A custom font ensures that every single message is on brand on every single medium. Our love for typography and our experience with animation on screens of all sizes inspires us to design clean, contemporary fonts for brands who share our vision of building holistic expressions across all media.

To empower SYFY to embrace the entire sci-fi genre, we took an “editorial-first” approach that unifies messaging with visual design, giving the brand a clear voice and perspective that effortlessly lives across all platforms. Typography is central in this cross-platform editorial system, calling for the creation of two custom fonts.

We designed AM DISPLAY and TEXT exclusively for ESPN’s morning show Get Up! The type is designed to complement the Get Up! logo and be recognizable whenever and wherever we use it.

We reverse engineered all graphic elements of the Get Up! brand for maximum legibility on all devices. Type is big and information is delivered over time, as opposed to cramming everything into a single frame. What’s the point of digging up stats if you can’t read them?

We designed the font USA exclusively for USA Network for their 2017 rebrand. It comes in 6 weights and cuts, designed for maximum legibility on all platforms.

It is neutral enough to complement any individual show brand, while having clear and conscious heritage found in the geometry of the classic USA network logo.

CARPE DIEM, the custom font for Lifetime Network, was born out of the updated logotype we developed for the brand.

It picks up on the round shapes of the mark, while complementing that circularity with a slightly condensed feel overall. This allows for simpler, yet larger messaging on screens of all sizes.

The 2015 introduction of a new playoff system and first-ever National Championship game presented an opportunity to revamp the single largest sports franchise in America — comprising over 250 regular season games and a combined reach of more than 180 million viewers.

In order to tie the new brand together across promotion, studio shows and live events, we designed a pair of custom fonts, IMPACTA LK and LK CONTACT. One for maximum impact, the other one for maximum legibility.

Karma, formerly known as Karma Light when there was only one cut, was born out of a new logo design for ourselves. After the letterforms for the new wordmark were locked, we asked ourselves:

“Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an entire typeface?”

Well, we can confirm: It sure is!

Because Karma is our house font, we keep expanding the family whenever we feel like a new cut is useful for us.

We designed the ABC Modern type family exclusively for ABC Network for their comprehensive rebrand.

The new brand needed to be rolled out to over 23,000 applications; so it has been fun to see our typeface appear in more and more places over the years, creating the holistic vision we laid out for the brand.

The FIFA™ World Cup is the biggest event in the world. Which in turn, makes it also one of the biggest brands. Period. For ESPN’s coverage of the competition, we created the typeface GINGA. Designed to be dynamic and fun, it is meant to reflect the Brazilian approach to the beautiful game.

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