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Anna And Argyle

A Loyalkaspar Tale

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Our first official product release, ANNA AND ARGYLE combines the timeless simplicity of a storybook with the immersive power of modern technology.



The Story

On a quest to find her lost sock, Anna ventures from her family’s laundromat in Brooklyn to the wild world just beyond the rumbling, tumbling machines, discovering that perfect pairs don’t always match.

The Medium

Reading stories to our kids, we recognized the lack of immersive content available on mobile platforms. Originally conceived as a short film, ANNA AND ARGYLE morphed into what we call a “digital tale” — a story that takes advantage of the iPad’s immersive potential without creating unnecessary distractions.


Breathing life into words on paper to create a dimensional heroine with opinions and flaws was a challenge we celebrated. Our Anna ended up with many of the qualities that are dear to us: scrappy, resourceful and, above all, curious.

Even though the laundromat is her kingdom, Anna is anything but a conventional princess. She is a tinkerer by nature, a fixer by choice, an explorer at heart. We wanted her to be relatable and cute, but also strong and independent.

The Typography

Sometimes treated as an afterthought, we consider typography from the very beginning of each project. For this story, we landed on a hand-written style that sometimes complements the frame, and at other times creates tension within it.


From machines both mundane and magical, from bulletin-board fodder to detergent brands, we meticulously built Anna’s world from the fabric softener up to feel as authentic as possible.

The unique look of Qaniitara, the fuzzy land of woven wonder just beyond the laundromat, was achieved through high-tech wizardry we call “actually making stuff.” We spent many late nights building a miniature world from practical elements like thread, bales of sheep’s wool, and baking soda.


Sustaining interest over the course of 70 pages requires not just creativity, but careful analysis of the emotional journey.

We recorded isolated instrument loops with the stacking ability of Lego bricks to achieve a seamless soundscape that evolves with Anna’s adventure.

The Soundtrack

Anna’s journey is further anchored by a score composed by renowned singer-songwriter David Berkeley. Working with local musicians and DJs Mi and Feathericci in Santa Fe, NM, David recorded and mixed his audio theme into a unique soundscape of guitar and laundromat clatter.

‘Anna’ the song, together with a B-side mix of the soundtrack, is also available in the iTunes store.

"...they showed me Anna And Argyle and it was incredible. There is this sort of magical-whimsical quality to it..."

– David Berkeley


Any product, regardless of artistic merit, needs strong branding to stand out. Early on, Anna’s silhouette framed within the circular shape of the dryer became our singular iconic image. Pairing that graphic with the bold, imperfect logotype produces a distinct, instantly recognizable brand.

Drawing from the tale’s tactile environments, the visual vocabulary is expanded for digital elements. Taken as a whole, the brand is simple yet striking–the ideal mix for curious young readers and their parents.

The Trailer

Quinn and Paxton Baudenbacher have been giving their dad feedback since birth, so it made perfect sense to utilize them as our proprietary quality control focus group.


Anna’s launch party, held at our New York office, included a live reading, musical performances, a Q+A for kids and an exclusive art exhibition. Attendees enjoyed drinks, cotton candy and conversation, all while experiencing the app on unique display stations.

“The visuals are stunning.... It's beautiful and captivating for the kids. It’s feature film quality.”

– Sandie Trombert, mother & friend

ANNA AND ARGYLE is now ready for you to enjoy!

Download now from the app store.

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