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TVGN Goes Pop

January 14, 2015

Partnering with TVGN, a joint venture between Lionsgate and CBS, we’re excited to reveal the highly anticipated network relaunch as Pop.

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The new Pop name and brand image celebrates the fun of being a fan.


From the inception of the massive rebrand initiative, we worked closely with TVGN to develop a cross-platform identity for the new network, which began rolling out last fall with the unveiling of the new Pop name and logo. The relaunch officially launches today with the debut of the Pop original series Rock This Boat: New Kids On The Block. We created a comprehensive brand system for Pop, highlighted by a flexible on-air graphics package and voice guide reinforcing the emotional yet conversational spirit between the network and its fans.

Led by Executive Creative Director Richard Eng, we worked closely with CBS and Lionsgate to help develop the new network name – Pop. The collaboration then continued into the logo design with TVGN/Pop President Brad Schwartz, SVP of Marketing Nicole Sabatini, and Creative Director Richard Browd to create a mark that is modern, friendly, and instantly iconic.

Celebrating the fun of being a fan, the Pop identity is rooted in the creative concept, “Let Your Flag Fly,” says Richard. This mantra is visualized across the entire brand lexicon, including graphic badge and banner designs.

“No matter your gender or age or specific taste, fandom is universal,” says Richard. “So we wanted to present Pop in an all-inclusive context that makes the content – from classic shows to original series – fun and relevant. It was a tremendous challenge to finesse the brand for such wide-ranging audience. Ultimately, we were able to do so by keeping the look and voice of the network conversational, fun, and contemporary.”

From the hero tagline, “We’re Fans Too,” to in-program messaging such as “Rise and Shine” for morning shows, the network voice “pops” throughout the package. We also developed a flexible tagline system to reinforce the Pop brand in an unexpected yet relatable way. Comprised of phrases such as “You’re Welcome,” “Thank Us Later,” and “For Real,” the network vernacular is unified by language that is concise and conversational. Echoing the language that Pop's audience speaks, loyalkaspar’s voice guide also includes a range of conversational scripts for promos and station IDs.

Constantly reinforcing the relationship between brand, fan and show, the on-air graphicsseamlessly accent Pop’s syndicated content, as well as new series, such as Schitt’s Creek, Pop’s first original scripted comedy, starring Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. Here, clean, type-driven graphics are vibrant and unafraid; meanwhile, the creative team balanced the a vibrant color palette with a spectrum of neutral colors in order to maintain a casual yet exciting sense of invitation.

“We conceived both the voice guide and visual system to not only be flexible for Pop's in-house team, but also expandable,” explains Richard. “It is a framework from which they can experiment and grow as the network brand evolves and maintains relevance – just like the ever-shifting nature of pop culture itself.”

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