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Chris Fitts, Executive Producer / Creative Director, Joins LK

March 15, 2018

Esports familiar face, Chris Fitts has joined our LKLA office as Executive Producer / Creative Director. A marketing creative with an extensive background in gaming, sports and entertainment, is a key industry player with significant experience from his time at Riot Games and Amazon Games.

Chris has produced and directed many projects to help generate community driven, authentically executed, experiential esports assets, activities, and events. While at Riot Games, Fitts held a lead creative role in marketing, event production, and content development strategy and played a crucial part in the development of League of Legends’ esports as a whole. 

Our work on Overwatch League has us excited to move into esports with the help of Chris and new hire Erin Serletic, Head of Client Partnerships. Welcome to the team, Chris!


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