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Award Winning Typeface, Comedy Sans

October 11, 2018

One of our favorite custom typefaces has been awarded best Motion – Series by Communication Arts in their 2019 Typography Competition!

The custom typeface is the result of an amazing collaboration between Comedy Central, Font Bureau and our team. As part of Comedy Central’s brand refresh and inspired by the new Comedy Central logo, we created Comedy Sans, a unique custom typeface built to support funny across all platforms. Comedy Sans contributes to a flexible set of tools made to help amplify the brand while prioritizing clarity over clutter effectively setting the stage for Comedy Central’s constant stream of creative. No matter the content, no matter the platform, Comedy Sans is there to keep Comedy Central’s brand consistent and hilarious.

We are honored to have been recognized by Communication Arts for the second time and excited to continue our award winning work in custom typography!

You can check out more of our custom typography here.

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