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Anna And Argyle Meets The World

December 8, 2015

Thursday night, with much joy (some anxiety and finally, relief!), we were able to share with friends and family the result of the journey we’ve been on for the last few years: the digital kid’s tale ANNA AND ARGYLE, an app that combines the timeless simplicity of a storybook with the immersive power of modern technology.

On a quest to find her lost sock, ANNA ventures from her family’s laundromat in Brooklyn to the wild and woven world just beyond the rumbling, tumbling machines, discovering that perfect pairs don’t always match.

Our launch party, held at our New York office, included a live reading and music, a Q+A for kids and an art exhibition. Attendees enjoyed mingling, drinks and cotton candy, all while experiencing the app on various display stations.

It will be available in the App Store as soon as it gets through the Apple approval process. Stay tuned for that!


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